In 1985, Barry Nash founded Nash Construction in Gwinnett County, Georgia. He started as a one-man-show with one Caterpillar 941 front-end loader and one tractor-trailer grading house lots and other small projects for individuals. Within a few years Barry had become well known in the community and had an excellent reputation for his honest business practices and unsurpassed quality of work. Over time tractors were purchased, additional employees were hired and Nash Construction added “Incorporated” to its name in 2000. To this day Nash Construction Incorporated, still stands strong on the values and high standards that Barry founded the company with back on day one in 1985. 

We pride ourselves on being a small business, but there is no doubt that Nash Construction is on a steady stream of growth; in 2015 our portfolio doubled. As we transition from the persona of a "small business" into that of a "small corporation" our core values, unsurpassed attention to detail, and personal care for our customers will never be compromised. No matter the amount of growth, we will always remember where we started from. 

About Us

Who is Nash Construction? 

  • ​​​​1985​ - Nash Construction was founded

  • 1987 - First full-time employee was hired

  • 1989 - First commercial project was completed

  • 1997 - First office was constructed & staffed full time 

  • 2000 - Nash Construction became Incorporated

  • 2006 - First Water & Sewer project was completed & total full-time employees reaches 30. 

  • 2009 - First single project to amount $1,000,000 

  • 2015 - 30th Year Celebration

  • 2016 - Team expansion grows to an all time high of 47 team members. 

  • 2018+ - Company growth continues with both residential and commercial projects.